Friday, January 26, 2007

Back To Business and... Lisses.

Filming for the past four or five weeks has been fun at times but mostly it was a chore to carry around a camera and tripod with me. I'm looking forward to getting back to just moving around without worrying about my stuff.

I'm going to Lisses again in 15 days with all the guys I train with regularly. There will be 7 of us and we'll spend a week developing ourselves as traceurs in the best possible company. Although it's my third time visiting Lisses, I still look forward to it just as much as ever - as each time I go, I come back with a new understanding of Parkour, how I should be training and with a refreshed and focused mind.

Over the next two weeks leading up to Lisses I'll be focusing on balance, foot placement drills, strength maintainance and very simple basics so that I'm 100% when the time comes.

I'd like to thank everyone who contacted me and left messages for me on forums, by email and by leaving comments on my blog about my video... I'm glad you all enjoyed it. My next goal is to capture Hell Night some time in the near future to help all of the people contacting me with questions about it, to set up a similar program in their local area. :)

Have a good weekend, train hard and eat well.



Phily D said...

good stuff man, lol when your all in lisses on the first sunday your their teg, joe, guy, bobby n mole will be here in cambridge and where gona ring callum and speak to you goons lol. Hope you have an awesome time there and pick up things to bring back and post on your blog.


Ben Nuttall said...

Didn't you say you eat 14 portions of fruit and veg per day during the week? What do you class as a portion? Isn't it too much, I mean I know it's good for you but only in moderation.

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Hehe, cheers Phil... looking forward to that weird phone call! :P

Ben, I class a portion as a piece of fruit... like a banana and an apple would be two portions. Altogether, I eat 14 PIECES of fruit on average per week day. Fruit in moderation? Haha, people live JUST on fruit and just because some doctor says you should eat 5 per day... that's like the minimum. Fruit rocks. Eat more. ;-)


Ben Nuttall said...

Cool, you've just confirmed my original thoughts on reading that. I thought it was a lot, compared to most people's target of 5, but nevertheless I thought "good on him" until I mentioned it to others and they said it was too much.



Phily D said...

my aim is 7, i normaly end up eating like 4 or 5 peices of the same fruit but different fruits or 3 or 4 then 1 or 2 others. and yes fruit is awesome im trying to get my mum to buy more lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Phil ringing us. Yea, we'll make you all jealous!!

The Saiyans said...

Have a good time mate, wish I was going with you..oh and 14 pieses of fruit a day WOOOW your a hardnut.
ps say hello to everyone from the saiyans.

Ben Nuttall said...

Haha, reminds me of when I got a phonecall from Paul (Obsidian) and the other NP guys on his mobile while they were on their Lisses trip this Summer to tell me that they just met Yann Hnautra and David Belle.

Damn I wish I could have gone with them. Stupid 'having no money'...

Anonymous said...

Hi Blane, congratulations for your videos, my name is cristhian i'm from colombia and I practice parkour, the reason for this message is to show you a little of the parkour here in Bogotá, I would like so much that you view the videos of my group and you gave me some advice. Thanks.
excuse if some phrases of this message are wrong, but I don't speak "perfect" english :S :'(

Anonymous said...

jejejeje I forget put the links :S:S
or if you want enter in my blog, Welcome!!!.

well is all, I hope your answer.

gear said...

christian le chat, I was in Bogota about 2 years ago filming a Parkour-related commercial for Malta Leona. You have a beautiful place to train, almost every time I turned around in the city there was something else to explore! It's great to see that there are traceurs popping up down gives me even more reason to come back and visit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi Gear thanks for write, I hope meet you in a future!!! if you wanna can write to my mail, for be in contact.

Anonymous said...

hey you dont know me at all... but i think this was pretty inspiritional its helped me to relax and practise parkour in my own way without worrying about others, if i do a stupid move and my friends laugh at me i will now smile because i know that its a shit move but its a new one.. I'm glad that we have such inspiritional and devoted people leading the way in this sport and it makes me proud to practise it knowing the attitude it creates
Thankyou loads - Chris

Anonymous said...

Hey, i think i gotta than You for this article ;)
I read it on, i train for 1,5 year i live in poland.
Whtat can i say is i see the problem here in poland where the parkour is really young is quite big, many of my friends have various crashes becouse of trying to do hard stuff.
Even if they sometimes succed (hehe.. they usually do, that's the worst becouse they don't see the problem) they're destroying themselves.

Personally i was one of them, untill i got real damage which i can feel even for this day...
i learned... but it hurts

Good to see im not alone in my opinion, and once more, THANK You, it really helps.

(sorry for my english :P :P )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article ;) i felt that i do something wrong... like almost everybody in my country :/ parkour is very young here in poland.

Just one question: how do You know WHEN You're ready to perform bigger jumps than the ones You're already doing without any pain ?