Friday, February 09, 2007

'Snow Doubt I'll Be Back...

...but it won't be for a week. :P (Terrible play on words and the current weather, I know).

So I'm off to Lisses with 6 of my good friends to train, learn, recollect my thoughts and just ground myself again by realising how weak I really am compared to the French.

See you all when I get back, take care and train hard.



The Saiyans said...

Good luck again my friend, hope you have a cool time, take photos lol say hello to everyone!
email when you get back brov.

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Cheers bro, I'll take lots of photos and get in touch when I'm home. =)

Hopefully it's not snowing as it is here!


Jak Sheen said...

Sounds mint. I'll look forward to photos:-) Have a great time.

Ben Nuttall said...

Have a good one. I envy you.

Anonymous said...

awesome man, your already gone but would love to hear about it and see photos when your back! thats what the blogs for i guess!