Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Video

Well it's been a while since PINWC was released and although I did say I was planning on waiting a year or so before releasing another video... I feel the time is right to start work on another one.

The main reason I plan to begin filming another sampler is that there are currently many temporary obstacles in my area, ones that will disappear in the near future so I may lose the chance to capture some movements in these areas if I don't do it soon.

Another reason to get it done now is that I feel 2007 is going to be a very progressive year and I would like to make a fresh start on training without the urge to make a video.

Filming will begin tomorrow and will continue through to Sunday, with perhaps another couple of weekends to wrap up bits and bobs. Add to that editing and the possibility of bad weather and you're looking at an early/mid January ETA.

Check back soon for updates.



Bloobirds said...

will be good to see how you've improoved :]

and gives me a chance to see what will be my new training area in 9 months ^_^ [hopefully]

Anonymous said...

Yay, it will be pretty sick man, the hell night vid too :P

Anonymous said...

Could you maybe also film some days of your strength training(not the hell-night) but the other days ? would be very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Wicked man cant wait for it dude