Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Just a short entry to let everyone know what I'm going to be working on...

-Scaffolding and Trees
I've been neglecting this a little recently so I'm planning on focusing my efforts on trees and scaffolding more during my training sessions. I'm going to be focusing on generating momentum for laches and building up my sustained grip strength and shoulders for more controlled and bigger body drops.
Besides using my arms I want to build up confidence in my balance in trees just using my feet... right now I feel more comfortable landing on a rail than I do a branch, with my feet - which is odd.

These need some more work, I'm going to be aiming to reduce the amount of space needed for me to get through gaps in rails, walls, branches etc. I also need to work on my exiting technique for this movement as I'm currently only completely comfortable with ones where I can place my feet on the ground when I get my lower body through. Underbars with a drop greater than my height is not something I've spent much time practicing.

I've recently been convinced of the benefits of handstands. An excellent exercise in balance, coordination and strength, I've really not spent any great deal of time trying to improve them. They're also fun, so I'll be spending 10-15 minutes per day upside down battling against gravity (or trying to develop a healthy relationship with it perhaps).
Interestingly, without ever focusing on the technique itself, it seems I've built up the necessary muscles to be able to go from L-sit to tucked planche to a handstand... the handstand is wobbly and I do fall over a lot but it's good to know the power is there. A month from now I want reasonable control over a 10 second stationary handstand from tucked planche.

-Planche en force
Although I'm now quite happy banging these out with a 10kg weighted vest, I've never paid any attention to repetitions. I'm going to work on building up to being able to do 10 slow, weighted, muscle-ups and 20 unweighted. Wish me luck!



Bloobirds said...

good luck :]

and see you next year!

Julian said...

awesome, very nice goal for the muscle ups you psycho!
Yeah, i have had a bit of interest from other people on the cat crawl, so maybe we can have a thing on the same day, would be great if you did it too, anyway ill see how it goes, just gonna concentrate on training it first!
Good luck with the goals, im sure the handstands are improving loads,

Leicester Parkour Association said...

Nice one, good luck mate! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro! Nice to see what your working on now, hopefully i'll be around a bit more to train it with you :)

Really cool to see you want to work on hadnstands now aswell, for some ideas where to go with them check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo9fV-XlTHM

I know you got the muscle you'll have them locked in no time!


Bloobirds said...

haha, attracting girl from tailand too now 'ey blane?

also it seems shes looking for 'gays and girls'


Anonymous said...

I like your posts Blane. You got anything else to say? I keep checking yr blog but it's been a month now since yr last post!

Jak Sheen said...

Hey man,

Lol i think it's mint how you want to improve on stuff your already amazing at!

I realy wonna get down to Leichster sometime if i ever do get down would be aweosme to train with you


Josh - Traceur said...

Come to Sydney, do you know Daniel Ilabaca? Come with him next time!