Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PINWC Domain

Since I know you all value time saving and efficiency so much, I've just purchased this domain and forwarded it to my blog to save you all typing in the long '.blogspot.com' address - so update your bookmarks accordingly!

Yes, after deciding I wanted to put more effort in to this blog by padding it out with more content I thought that should be my first step... and over the next little while I'm going to try and make the blog much easier to navigate and have different sections for articles, videos, training plans etc. I'm also going to experiment with tutorial style videos for techniques and conditioning exercises in the near future.

That's it! Just wanted to let you guys know what the plan is. Keep training hard and remember, power is nothing without control...



mrKaizen said...

Cool man. Tutorials are sure interesting. ;)

What about "how to wash blood from pants" or "don't make your shoes look like trash"?
:D Just joking.

Please go on, you inspire me ^_^

Unknown said...

That's great, Blane.

Good luck on your new projects.

Hard trainings, bro.



Unknown said...

Sounds great, look forward to the future. Your insights have always been of value so far.

Bruno Campos said...

Since you are remodelling the blog I want to leave a suggestion - The white letters against the black background are a bit difficult to read, at least to me. I think they are tiring to the eyes. Maybe you could do something about it, what do you say? Good luck with this new stage of "article making", I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

'My name is Blane, today i shall be teaching you how to muscle up....'

*does a Blane speed muscle up*

'Just incase you didn't catch that, i shall do it in slow motion'

*does a Slow muscle up*

'There we have it, the muscle up....Go do one....NOW!'


Anonymous said...

LOL at Tez!

To be honest, I think tutorials can be dangerous. Beginning traceurs can interpret them as definitions of movement. They may not develop a movement in a way that is most comfortable for them. Instead, they may mimic your every nuance and may restrict themselves from experimenting with variations because "Blane said such-and-such movement is performed in this manner with the hands here and the feet positioned like so".

It sounds a bit over-the-top but if you disagree, I would love to hear your response.

In a way, I feel like your videos are much like tutorials. I see you pass a certain obstacle in a certain way and I think to myself,
"That looks much less energy-consuming than what I've been doing. I'm gonna go out and train that movement and see if I can incorporate it into my arsenal."

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Thanks for the input Bruno, I'll consider changing the colour schemes to make them easier on the eye.

Andrew, I'm aware that tutorials can be very restrictive for the viewer and limit their creativity and need to think for themselves which is why I plan on being very careful about how they're done.
For the most part I want to focus on strength and conditioning videos and show 'good form' on exercises... and how they directly relate to improving your Parkour.
If/when I do delve in to more technical based tutorials I'll be sure to show a wide range of variation and insist that this is only how I find the technique to work for me, and if people find just one thing from that useful to them then great.

Don't worry, the last thing I want to do is discourage people to think and learn for themselves. ;)

Thanks for the advice!


Anonymous said...

Tutorial! :-D
I look forward it!

Unknown said...

cool man. Its high time!

axel said...

Hi Blane,

I'm one of the two "axel" you met in the Dame du Lac on the last Saturday, the one who complained about the weather if you remember ;)

It was a great pleasure to meet you and your friends,all the more it was by chance. You are as nice and friendly as I expected through the reading of your articles and I really hope we could see again in the future.

Take care, as you said!

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Hi Axel! Great to hear from you. It was a pleasure to meet you last weekend in Lisses and train with you guys for a little while. Hope you both enjoyed your day!

I'm sure we'll meet again and if you ever come to England then I'll be happy to meet you here.

All the best and keep training hard man. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for inspiration and sharing your thoughts with us all. I really liked your opinion about beeing to fast and to reckless in a world of parkour.
As for me - The name's Daniel,24. Born in Latvia and currently living in Dublin. I am as unexperienced rookie as one can be. Surfing threw the web and trying to find info on how to make first steps in parkour. Was looking for your e-mail to write you inperson, but never found it, so i'm using your latest post (sorry for the offtop). I belive, I've made a first step (understanding - enough to go further). I suppose the second thing is body and bringing one self to the level from which one can start training parkour itself. And here i'm having some problems. I couldn't find any guides so far.
If you have time, could you please share some expirience regarding the phisical fit ? My e-mail: run4life@inbox.lv
P.S. I am sorry for my english, If it is hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

mmm) That's it! nice progect) I wish you luck))) it's likely to occupy a lot of time, i suppose..., ain't it?) looking forward for it ;)

Ronnie said...

Strength and conditioning tutorials, and tips is sure interesting coming from you. I have since I started reading your blog been a big fan of your ideas regarding training, even if I havent really been able to break my old habbits of the way I train. I try to implement more and more of your way of thinking into my training (thinking about your post "Moderation".) My biggest issue right now is getting a muscleup down. I can do dips, and pullups with no problem. 10 of each in a row with not to much effort. But that transisition from pullup, to the dip position is just not happening for me. But im working on it! hehe

Anyway, I wish you all the best, a merry christmas, a happy new year, and I look forward to the coming changes during 2009. And hopefully Ill one day during that year, will have a the honors of training alongside you should I manage to drag myself to England.

/Ronnie - Sweden

Anonymous said...

Power Is Nothing Without Control...gotta be one of my favorites. Was awesome training with you man, and my ankle is feeling better...next time I'm there I'll be injury free so we can get some good training in xD See you in time! Happy training


Unknown said...

I'm glad you are going to do tutorials. No one in my town practices parkour so I learned all of the basic movements from youtube. As I am sure you know, there are many videos that teach the basic sdc, cat, wall climb, etc. I would appreciate it if your your training videos focused less on the basic procedure and more on how to improve these types of movements. For instance I am comfortable with the sdc but I would love to know what sorts of exercises you use to improve the height over which you can kong.

Anonymous said...

Its a very good thinking about coming day.which is experiment with tutorial style videos for techniques.I hope most of people are get many facility from ur experiment. thanks a lot Blane.