Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Excelsior (ever upward)

I wanted to step up my technical training before heading to Italy and decided I may as well film some things along the way. I filmed on 4 different days over the past couple of weeks and the vast majority of movements in here were done for the first time during this period.

Critical feedback is always welcome!

Download a better quality version here.



Rachacuca said...

Hey, Blane..
Wot up?


I thought you mentioned it 'coz of Stan Lee, lol.
He used to write it in every introduction text he published, when he was an author on Marvel Comics.

Great video, bro.
The climb-ups are sweet, so clean and fast. Sharped technically, you know? Well done.

Take care,

Cheers from Brazil.

Bruno Rachacuca.

Anonymous said...

russian tracer)
we try traning like you. but it's very hard, cause pk new discipline in our contry)
thank's for the video ;)
p.s. sorry for my bad english)

Anonymous said...

great vid blane! ^^

Anonymous said...

Sweet f!*@ that was good. One thing I've always found very...unique? about your videos is your sense of ease and control, everything seems to be done with just the right amount of energy, so you seem to kinda drift. Anyway, a bucketload of inspiration right there.

Out of interest, whats your breakup between conditioning and technical training nowadays?

Unknown said...

Once again great video.

Rike said...

Hey Blane!
another Perfect video!
Your parkour is so simple, seems easy. I awalys train thinking of your strenght, flow and what I need to do to improve myself. Thanks.

Greetings from Brazil too!
Excelsior :)

4564984680464 said...

I got a criticism for ya!

Loved it. Amazing stuff as always. You seem to just be improving so much all the time.

Really enjoyed watching.

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.

My ratio between conditioning and technical training has not changed too much. I tend to follow a mixture of repeating jumps or combinations (both arm and leg) for conditioning but more traditional exercises still play a part. I tend to have one repetition based session followed by a traditional strength training session and repeat that pattern.

The actual time between each strength/conditioning session varies depending on when I feel fresh again, there is no fixed schedule.
I train technically, in terms of just moving around and trying to do new things only once or twice per week at the moment. :-)

Kieran, there is no a download link in the main post if you still want one!


Anonymous said...

Godly balance, vicious climb-ups, killer precisions.. yup safe to say your kicking ass with your progression! Always improving.. and don't stop, cause you're my inspiration to train!

Maybe someday we can train together, by then hopefully I won't be such a newb.. lol

Darg said...

Hellow from Russia. Fantastic vid, Blane ;) Interesting combo's and movements. Take care.

PS. Can you say what misuc is playin' after 02:34? :)

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Matt, there's no danger of me stopping... no need to worry about that! I'm really up for meeting to train, you're always welcome here. :)

Darg, the song playing after 02:34 is called 'Off The Record' by 'Promoe' - it's the instrumental version.

Thanks fellas!


Igor Scheihing said...

Great video, I loove watching this kind of vids where you can see a great traceur.
You really surprise in every new video you upload.
your strenght, control, dedication, dicpipline, like some1 said before here, its seems to be easy.
Thanks for the video. I putted in my parkour blog =)

greets from Chile
Igor, "Traceur Agua"

Anonymous said...

hellooo iam Lindsay Lochan!!!!!!!!

Yariko said...

You have way too much power.. Good job, I really can see that you have been training hard. Good precissions, pull-ups, everything.. You should slow down a bit :P

Keep going!


Anonymous said...

dude climb-ups are insane


Anonymous said...

blane you are one amazing dude. i really want to learn parkour and your my influence. it seems like such a cool thing to be able to do. thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amazing to see what the body that God has designed can really do. Great work on developing the instrument that you’ve been given.

Anonymous said...

hi there,
i'd like to ask how do you make such an precise running up towards an obstacle so you have always been at the right step to do an optimal jump/leap..that's been a great setback for me for a long time now.

Please do comment, I believe this will be quite useful for all young traceurs, not particularly only for me.

Anonymous said...


I was just given a random link by someone of your trip to Lisses. I thought it was very good, what you are all doing is really impressive. Very good : )

Anonymous said...


very nice video. Good to see your development up to now in your videos.

Have you any tips an the climbups? They seem so effortless an increddibly fast ^^ Is there any technique or just strengh?

And what camera do you use?


Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

To the anonymous poster...

Foot placement on the approach to an obstacle, especially within a sequence or combination is often quite tricky to judge and I find it's just a case of regular practice to improve this.

With training you learn to realise when you're not quite going to arrive at the obstacle correctly so you can either make your next step slightly longer or slightly shorter to compensate for that. It's a matter of experience and you learn with time to notice which foot you are going to arrive at a certain place on... you can practice this anywhere too, even when you're walking down the street. Look ahead at a small feature or landmark and try to feel which foot you will have in line with it when you reach it. As you're approaching it make slight adjustments to the length of your strides as you get closer and you will find you can arrive exactly in line with it by making a few smaller adjustments on the way.


Jonas, I think fast climbups are mostly related to a powerful pulling ability. Technique plays a part since knowing when you need to kick down with your feet and when to lean forward will help, but this is quickly realised whilst practicing them.
My main goal with climbups was to build enough power in my pull to arrive almost at waist, to eliminate the need to dip much to reach the top position. The best way to do this is muscle up (planche) training.
Even training for the muscle up will improve your climbups so you will see results at every stage rather than just when you can muscle up.

My camera is just some old Canon model, I'm not too sure which but I doubt it's still on the market now... it's at least 5 years old!


JJ said...

Nice Blane, congratulations!!!

Traceur JJ de Brasil...

Anonymous said...

loved it! I think i've already said that... congratulations... and hope to hear from you soon :)


Dane Grant said...

BAH. it's rubbish This young girl is better than you:



Anonymous said...

well done))) my congratulations, of couse. really good. I even borrow some tecnic from you to become more fluent, beauty and quickly.
P.S. sorrry for my "knotty" English)
P.S.S. I'm goint to shoot a clip, if you want, I can show it for critics)

! said...

Hey Man you is very very disciplined, great video guy (sorry my bad english)

By: JC Brasil.

Anonymous said...

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TraceurZeno said...

I said when you first posted this clip on you tube, at how effortless you conquered this big scale obstacles, but watching again, I am equally impressed at your foot placement with regards to precise, confident and lightness of your footwork.


All the Best in Italy!!

Galvez said...

great vid blane, you are a master!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for a fine read. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!i was just searching for a parkour program and i found your blog.seems that your program works very well judjing from your video!!i also was thinking of starting parkour.unfortunately i live in greece and the the practice places are reduceed to almost zero!whatever,i'll start practicing from september and hoppefully by next summer i will have learned a few things.any advise for a newbie?

Anonymous said...

That is incredible (especially the climb ups!)
ps there is a download link, if you right click on the link that says here under the video and click "save target as"