Friday, May 02, 2008

24 Hour Parkour Takeover on Youtube

I'm very proud to be part of a huge moment in Parkour history as Youtube is taken over by 'real' Parkour for 24 hours.

In an effort to show true training, discipline and the community, Parkour Generations have assembled a collection of 12 videos to put forward to Youtube that will feature on the main home page and at least 18 other local countries' home pages until midnight tonight. I was honoured to be invited to be a part of this and hopefully my old PINWC video will help spread a positive message alongside the other excellent videos.

It's a great opportunity for millions of people to see what Parkour is really about and will go a long way towards informing the masses as to what it is we actually do... hopefully changing people's opinions of it being outdoor gymnastics, acrobatics, crazy stunts or roof jumping.

More details on the Parkour takeover can be found here.



belle_lune said...

Oh K! I am too proud of you!! Now you'll get to teach the whole world all the wonders of parkour... send me a postcard from wherever you journey!

Ben Nuttall said...

Awesome stuff. Speed Air Man ftw!

I wonder how many views these vids will get today...

Anonymous said...

just randomly came across your videos on youtube and saw you did alot of your stuff at Leicester Uni!! was like wtf i know that place.

Really liking what you're doing, its so fluent and interesting to watch, keep it up dude.

TraceurZeno said...

Thoroughly deserved im my opinion bro.

Hopefully see you soon or in two weeks, should you be in Evry for the Yamakasi Academy.


Anonymous said...

Your speed and balance are incredible, and your strenght is amazing. Your moves and flow are unbelievable! I like your style. Hope that I can do that kind of precisions some day too! :p

Specially I liked that very fast climb on the roof, respect from me!

keep training ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blane,
just out of couriosity do you remeber how many views your videos had befor they have been featured?
In particular the videos that have been featured or have mor then 100k views.
greetings and keep up your training, your an inspiration,