Sunday, September 09, 2007

EscApe Artist

Well it's been a while since I updated this and quite a lot had happened since the last entry. I had a fairly major training accident that saw 5 stitches in my shin to hide the bone that showed itself about a month ago.

I was doing a routine climbup on the end of a wall and some bricks fell off, I fell back and landed on my back - which was fine - but then I was really unlucky to have 3 bricks cemented together smash in to my shin, edge first, and cut my skin open all the way down to the bone.

A few hours later and after an injection that went RIGHT inside my leg next to the bone (OUCH!), I was stitched up and limping home. The timing couldn't have been worse as I missed out on the Trace Gathering that I was really looking forward to. I guess it wasn't meant to be... sorry to the people who expected me there! Thanks to Timmy, Joe and Ian for looking after me in the hospital, much appreciated.

I didn't get any photos of it before the nurse did a tidy sewing job but here's the morning after...

Besides that I've been filming some new clips and slowly making a new video. It all came together tonight, just in time for my 4th year anniversary of training.

The four years have flown past at a scary speed and so much has happened in that time. I wish to thank everyone I've met through this amazing discipline, every one of you have helped to shape me in to who I am today and for that I'm very grateful.

I'll be quiet now and show you the video, I hope you enjoy it...

Apologies to everyone that has emailed me or posted on my blog recently and not got a reply yet, I've not had as much time on the Internet to browse through them recently but I'll answer them all this week, thanks for your patience!



Anonymous said...

Blane, i dont care WHAT you say, you would give belle a run for his money. another ace video that has (like always) exploded a million things in my head for me to try out.

I hope your healing or healed nicely from your injury


Rachacuca said...

great vid..
it's always nice to see your new stuff...

you got some nerves of steel to do the cat hang to the bar by the end of the vid..

take care of that shin..
best regards from brazil...

Anonymous said...

You just keep getting better Chris, Hope things are going well. Hope to see you soon, I say this everytime but I do keep coming to try to see you but I struggle to find you


Yariko said...

Hope that you are all fine now, that accident sounds bit of nasty.

And what about the video, it was greate and worth of 5 stars and +favorite. Nice to see more and more moving on the trees.

Keep going and training ;)


Sacrifice said...

Amazing vid Blane:) Fucking great Skill!!:D:D

Peace men:)

Wiganpk-Matty said...

Yo Blane,

just wondering what sort of exercises do you generally do to help your overall strength and how did you work towards your first overhand pull ups and muscle ups because the stuff you do is inspirational. My email is if you wish to reply that way.

Pedro Peixoto said...


Congratulations on your new video. Major inspiration!

Still, had the impression you took more care of the general technical stuff on your "descendo discimus" than here on "escape artist". Is it true? or is it just an impression? Because somehow there was a sense of impact when seeing "doscendo discimus", and that might be due to the still camera and the chosen angles.

However, powerful climbings and planches and excellent precisions. You choose to do good Parkour, and thats what makes a difference.


Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Tez, I've not seen in your so long mate, where have you been?! Glad you liked the video but I have a million hours of training to go before I'll come close to someone like David Belle.
I've healed up fine too, thanks!

Rachacuca, thanks, the scaffolding stuff was quite dangerous but I had checked all of the surfaces and knew it was just down to my ability. I wasn't too scared during the movements, I just had to be really focused.

Cheers Pete, I really would like to see you, shame we never bump in to each other. We should prearrange a date/time/location and sort it out. Let me know when you're available.

Thanks Jariko and Sacrifice. ;-)

Matty, I will email you right now with some answers.

Pedro, some stuff will have been cleaner in Docendo Discimus and some stuff will (hopefully) have been better in this video. I was bulkier and heavier for the last video and have recently slimmed down a bit to become lighter and I'm still experimenting and trying to work out the best weight for my style of Parkour, so things might look different.
I didn't take any more or less care for this video, most of the shots were only filmed once or twice to get something I was happy with and nothing was perfect.

I still have a long way to go and lots to improve, but I'm really happy about having things to focus on... thanks for your feedback. :-)


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and your training and skill is such an inspiration. But this video is just amazing, above anything i could expect, well done.

Hope the leg heals well

Anonymous said...

Tut, say what you like but i know the truth, ive seen those distances and how wobbley, slippery, or just awquad those places are.

I've been floating around hear and there, but i havent been to uni for agesssssss, i heard quite alot is happening with it. I've just been working on strength mainly, i dont know if you remember me telling you but i finaly cleard out the tree in my backgarden (well, the bottom half) and there are just so many things to do!!! also i found such a funny/scary/absurd thing to do.

As ive spent so long climbing around on it, i thought it would be a laugh to do this course around and up my tree blind folded, i got around half way and realized i was a little way off the floor, so i kind of pooed myself and thought i should stop there, it was funny to see my brother and a couple of his mates have a go tho, especialy when they reached for branches that were no where near them hahaha.

And i'm very pleased with the fact that, not only have i got those dam double armed muscle ups, but that i can now (sort of) do them nice and slow. I havent forgotten how much help you gave me with them, so once again, THANK YOU! =D

It's good to hear that you've healed up nicely, i bet your leg did more damage to those bricks then they did to your leg didn't it haha

AND i have found out a secret about you blane!!! i was watching Power is Nothing Without Control and at 2:19 when you do the arm jump i realized that halfway during it you change the air! Its hard to notice but you kind of just...get sucked into the wall =S one moment your going at the wall diaganaly and then all of a sudden you decide to turn your body and your momentum towards it. I always knew there was something about you, and now i know that you have powers that others dont have!!!

Anywho, i'm going to stop now as i've written far too much.


Ben Nuttall said...

Man, your accident sounds horrific! Gutted for you that you missed out on Trace, because you really did miss out big time. It was a fantastic gathering.

Great vid, your style is swish. I like the precision at the beginning. And OMG your muscle-ups are insane, same with your climb-ups, look effortless like you've done them a million times (which I'm sure isn't too far off your estimate) - would you say that's from arm strengthening / conditioning exercises and/or simply practise and repetition?

Some of the stuff on the scaffolding was crazy at that height! You're mental to do that arm-to-arm back to the railing from the wall, madness.

Not been back from Lisses long myself, back from my first trip there. It was a superb experience and had a great week of training with some mates from around the country. See blog for video.

Hope your shin's doing alright, take care mate, stay safe.


4564984680464 said...

Hi Blane. Congratulations on the video it is very good. I would like to contact you to discuss something. I do not mind waiting a long time but would appreciate your opinion. If you get a chance contact me on this email and I will send you my real one:

I understand if you are too busy so don't worry if your too busy. I wont cry I promise.

Loved the scaffolding at the end of the video BTW.

Soilwork said...

Nice video man, wish you a fast recover.

Thanks for the video.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that video genuinely almost made me cry. I had tears in my eyes and everything.

you are such an inspiration to me that it'd be so uncool for me to tell you the full extent of it.

thanks dude (and nice bail!)

My Blogs said...

Hey blane, how you doing? Good latest blog, and i really like your video, as i've already told you. This comment is really just to alert you that i've started a blog now (although i'll probably forget about it by next week)

Hope your having fun in the states and seeya soon!

Unknown said...

what's about a higher quality non-youtube version? =(

btw: fucking great video, amazing skills, perfect precision, flow and style

-> I WANT to watch it in higher quality than this youtube crap :P

BART said...

wow Wszystko na wysokim poziomie!!
Dobre flow, super technika, duza siła
nic dodac nic ujac poprostu konkretna produkcja.
Moge zyczyc Tobie dalszych dobrych treningow i Zapraszam do siebie!:)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I´m Wizard.You are my model of traceur, all your text makes me think and become better, thanks, I´m an Spanish traceur (I´m 14 years old, and 14 months training) and my inglish i´n´t very good.

Anonymous said...

I respect you. Expecially your 'Precision Skill'

Question : How do this Precision Skill... or Training source...

Unknown said...

My hero.

I'm on your way. Keep training man! Hope to see you soon!

Anthony said...

I have just read almost this whole page from the top. I am pretty new so I have learned a lot and hope the best for you since I am sure this will help me and has helped a lot of people. I watched your video also and was amazed at some of the things you can do, especially your wall climbs, the look so smooth and fluid. I hope I will be as good as you one day.
Good luck and keep it up