Friday, July 13, 2007

First clip of a OAC

Here's a quick clip showing my first filmed one-armed chinup. They're progressing not too badly but I've been focusing on other things recently. I'm currently able to do 2 on my left arm and 1 on my right when I'm fresh and I'm working on building up to 5 on each arm.



Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

(lol Jariko, comments deleted as requested... thanks anyway. :P)

Anonymous said...

Ohw My god , My congrats Blane !!!!

I wanna OAC since I started Training Parkour , like 2 Years of training and nothing yet... I'm pulling additional 40 Kilos , but that's all for now ... Correct me if i wrong , you didn't trained with additional weight more then 10-20 Kilos right?
Srry 4 My Eng

Yariko said...

Did you have to tease me :( Now you have to come train with me in Finland to make this situation even! Buahahaa!

No, don not come, I am sick atm.

Keep training, I want to see 20 repetitions in one and half months!

And keep visiting my blog, it's back and black!

Eder said...

Blane, hi, I'm a new traceur from Mexico, I've been training for around six months now. The reason I'm commenting right now, is just to tell you that you are my PK hero, I mean, you are a great traceur and my roll model in parkour. That's pretty much it... So, keep on with the great parkour that you've been doing so far...

Anonymous said...

did banana-man helped again ? :P

yves said...

Du Arschloch :P.

Nice. What about a (OAPEF) one arm Planche en Force. Or a one armed Pullup with only 1 Pinky.

4564984680464 said...

Nice one. I'd been waiting to see these. Thats a great achievement. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

wow nice, you very strong ;)

Yo Bro
Del8 from Poland.

Ivan said...

wow, fluidity. Great achievement. I'm trying to do it right now, and I think it's not so far.

May be after some time, we will watch "First clip of an 0AM by Blane" ...One arm muscle-up


Rachacuca said...

Hi Blane,
how you're doing?

I'm Bruno from Brazil and
I'm always checking your blog to know how you and your parkour friends are progressing,
and i'm interested in post your articles on my parkour group website, still in development.
So i want to know what do you think about it, if i can translate the "dilution" article (english to portuguese) and post it.
Then i'll link your blog's and the teamtraceur's website, if you want to. ok?

You can answer me on my email if you prefer.

Thanks in advance.
See ya!

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Hi Bruno, yes you are free to use whatever articles or material you find here elsewhere and I would be happy for you to translate it. Sorry I can't offer to help with the translation but I don't speak any Portuguese. :-(

Thanks for your message and keep in touch.


David Lang said...

Nice one dude.

I'm having trouble getting past the initial dead hang with mine, I hear that's the hardest part of the OAC. It's clean sailing after that though.

Anonymous said...

hey man i just realised that ur based near to where i live.
do you know of any other spots in leicester that i could hit up?
would be awsome if you could let us know>
just email me at
or use cmnt me on myspace>
ive been tryin to find more people that free run.

Unknown said...

It's me Surdi. I just wanted to know If we can meet in Lisses between 10
th and 20th this month........I just saw your One Arm Pull Up, you crazy mot****ucker how did you do that ?:D damn is you crazy ?:D Ok, can you tell me how did you practice to do that shit ?
Take care,
PS. I tried to sent you an email but it didn't work out... So you you will be so nice answer on my email:

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flexo brothers said...

Wow, I didn't think that was possible unles you were ther worlds strongest man or something. aparently I have been proved wrong. by the way, those articles you have posted are REALLY deep, and I believe they are all well thought and very true. Your dilution article saved me from serious injury in my right knee. i was already starting to feel the pain when I read it, and now it's gone. Thanks.

flexo brothers said...

by the way, you are mentioned on an article I just posted, so I'd like you to read it and give me your opinion

Unknown said...

Hi, how are you ? How is your training going on ? I sent you an email, but it seems that posting on your blog is the only way to contact you :D I have some questions to you so if you will find some time I'll be glad to hear you.



Anonymous said...

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