Friday, April 05, 2013

'A Parkour Life' video series

I recently spent a few days filming with one of my good friends, Dr Julie Angel in and around London to make a short series of films talking about Parkour, the way I train, how my training has evolved over the years and how I think it is possible to last a long time in Parkour without getting seriously injured or burning out.

The three part series can be seen here:

More articles coming soon too! ;-)

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mrkkos said...

Awesome work Chris, I am really happy they you and Julie made this vids. Finally, some wise approach to talk about parkour training. You should do more vids like this on regular basis, because you have the knowledge and experience to talk about all those important things. On youtube there is no vid like those, internet lacking such a good and wise knowledge. I hope you will release more vids more often about parkour and strength training.

I am in a situation now when I had accident doing rail precision. I was silly and ignored the fact the I was tired before I perform the jump and it happened...I have spent last 2,5 months in hospital and soon I will be out and train again. Thanks to such vid I can apply your rules of training, get stronger and avoid injuries.

Mike (you should remember me from Morzine)

Duddu Rocha said...

As goos as always!

Cheers from Brazl!

Unknown said...

Hey! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I really like all that you've posted. I'm a relatively new Traceur and was really struggling with how to train and progress, and your blog has been immensely helpful, not to mention entertaining. Thank you for all that you do.


JJ said...

Nice text!

att JJ.

PK shoes said...

Why don't you blog more often? You've got great stuff!