Tuesday, January 27, 2009

London Calling

It seems to be becoming a trend that I make a big change to my life every eleven years. When I was eleven years old I relocated to England and now, eleven years later at twenty-two years of age, I'm preparing to move to London to live on my own for the first time and begin teaching Parkour on a more regular basis. I wonder what turn my life will take when I'm thirty-three!

With Thomas readying himself to head off on yet another crazy adventure around the world with his 'special' shirt, I'll be taking on his classes down in the capital and I look forward to finding myself with a lot more free time to train, travel and explore. Practicing regularly with the rest of the team is something I'm particularly looking forward to and it will no doubt help me to improve and push my own level in new directions.

I understand that being a good teacher means you need to forever be a student of your chosen practice and refine your methods, to learn and adapt all of the time. I hope that whilst passing on my experiences and helping other practitioners on their Parkour journeys, I can learn a lot more about myself and the best ways to do that.

The big move begins on the 16th February!



Anonymous said...

Great news, Chris;) I think, changing a landscape and obstacles with it makes us good) and so in your сase. Moving to the capital will give you oppotunity to find new places -> new ways of overcoming 'em -> new skill -> new direction in your level. Looking forward for it)

"The big move begins on the 16th February!" - is it your tutorial movie, you were planning? )

And what about "crazy adventure around the world"? Hope, you'll visit us all together;)

Anonymous said...

Yoo congrats man! I have to say, I've wanted to live in London for a good while now and I'm pretty jealous heh...I'm almost definitely going to be back this summer though! Prob for a longer stay too. Be ready xP

And my ankle is doing much better...should be 100+% in about 2-3 weeks.


Tyson said...

Awesome man, good luck in the big city.

Anonymous said...

lucky lucky , good luck with that. x

Ronnie said...

Good luck in London mate. Im sure everything will work out really well for you. Im sure you will be doing great as a regular teacher, and you will probably have a great time.

Stay safe!

Tania "Ixek" said...

Hey B =) my best wishes for you.. this will certainly be a great experience for you...

Sonny said...

Good one mate hope you do well with this I'm sure you'll do fine living on your own :), This might give me a chance to train with you :o , You should train with herts parkour sometime :)

tiamotiodio said...

Good luck!

Rachacuca said...

Hey Blane,
that's great, man.
Best luck.

Looking forward to move to London too.


Anonymous said...

there is no life in no change. :)
maybe you will visit ukraine for example. ;) there are a lot of tracers translating your posts and having good results adopting your experience.

if you will decide to do that, I will do my best to arange your trip.
Sincerely, UA Guy :)

Anonymous said...

wow..Good luck with everything..
people in London will be gratefull that u moving there.

actually i will make eurotrip on may, if i ever come to england and for the miracles visiting london, can i meet u personally blane?

good luck with everything blane..

J said...

Coincidentally, I am moving to the UK in March, probably to London... from Australia.

I look forward to training in London, and experiencing the differences in the UK and AUS scenes, and architecture.

Maybe I'll se ya ;)



parkour nay said...

all the best bro am sure you will be fine good luck on your own journey :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you'll be nearer to me. I'd like to find out more about your and pkGen's training ideas, as you guys have quite different brain-wavings from me and it is nice to share the things.

See you sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, man!
Good luck with your teachings! I hope I'll be sucessful in that. I like your blog very much. Write more about your teaching practice please...

Me chamo Sapo (Lucas Mourão), said...

Hey Blane,
When i wrote on the post of the 301 monkey-pass precision about how it was great to train with Thomas and Kazuma here in Brasil i didn't know you had moved to London the teach Thomas's students!
More and more i admire your work,
May the flow be with you!
ass: Frog

Shirley said...

A year ahead already..
Happy London Anniversary and Pancake day aaand Minnie bestestessst friend day my little but bigger than me Shortbread :P

Roslyn Johnson said...


I'm a fan/follower. Trying to get going & lose the excess poundage and you really inspire me, even though I'm female. I teach at-risk youth and am trying to get them interested in doing what you do...any suggestions? I'm new to this blogging thing, so leave me a comment on my blog or follow me too...thanks!

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