Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Planche Progression

Just a quick post to say I managed 21 muscle ups (planche) tonight in one set.

It's been a long while since I went for my max number of repetitions and I shouldn't really have tried it tonight since I had an extreme arm session last night... I think I could have got 25 if i had been fresh.

So that's a goal for the next little while, to push my maximum muscle up repetitions in one set up to the 25-30 mark.

I've still not managed a full one-armed chin up with my right arm yet but my left arm ones are now quite consistant - I think I'll start with weighted negative repetitions to help my overall control with them.



Anonymous said...

Man, you inspire a lot of people. One of them is me - I started heavy strength training + Hell Nights (amateur version ;)) 3 weeks ago and really see progress. Thanks a lot for all your posts that keep me training. Hope you'll get you right-arm chin up soon.


Ben Nuttall said...

21 Muscle-ups? Fuuuuuuck!

Man, you're just a beast.

Well, what can I say? Good luck getting to the next stage, 25-30. Keep it up, mate.


Anonymous said...

Nice one man. keep up the hard work

Anonymous said...

Nice one! 25-30 would be really impressive.
Was it you're planche en force training that allowed you to do that many? How many planche en force can you do with your wieghted vest?

Bloobirds said...

nice one. and with the regular oacs on nthe left.
just be careful not to progress too much on the left and leave the right out :/
imbalncessss oooft

see you soon mate :]

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Cheers everybody.

Glad to hear your hell nights are going well tash, if you need any advice or help with them, just ask!

Rupert, I'm not exactly sure what allowed me to do that many but I think it's a mix of doing lots of weighted pullups, explosive pullups, training a lot on scaffolding recently and the one-armed chinup training seemed to have really improved my general pulling power too.
The en force training played a part I'm sure in building endurance in the muscles needed through the transition but I think all of that combined to give me the strength rather than one individual reason.

I've never tried planche en force to failure for maximum reps with a vest... I'll give it a go some time and let you know.

Yeah cheers Enigma, it played on my mind for a while but I think everyone has one slightly stronger arm, I'm not going to develop my left any more until my right can lift my bodyweight through the full range of motion. ;-)

LOL Jin, see you tomorrow beast man. Should be a brilliant day. You can show me your one-armed climb up progress! =D


Anonymous said...

"just a quick post to say im a million stronger than all of you pussys and could probably bench press your whole family" jokes lol, AWESOME man, thats raly realy almost unbelievable. should see you tomorow and if jin does a one arm climb up we'l get him.

Mike said...

Blane, I don't think I have introduced myself yet, even though I have commented a couple of times.
Mike here, I train with The Saiyans, they introduced me to parkour and have taught/shown me where to start...

I didn't comment on 'Dilution' because I wanted really to express a bit more of my opinion which may be slightly longer - so I really aploligize in advance for the length of this comment.

I was really pleased to read the 2 popular posts around this community at the moment. Dilution (your blog) & Parkour Is Non Competitive (Jin's blog).
I use the word 'pleased' because The Saiyans have always told me this and try to make this stuff so clear to their students, and I for one feel that even with these kinds of posts available to the guys already training, where is this information for the new guys?
Like you said in Dilution, there is a wealth of information now for people starting out in parkour, but what use is that information teaching them some of the movements in parkour if they dont see information such as your blog when they begin!
You inspire a lot of people, including me, and it is the stuff that traceurs like you, Jin and The Saiyans write up that teaches others the truth in parkour.
Sorry Im not sure if im making much sense because I've been writing so long and forgetting stuff...

You talk in Dilution about people progressing too fast, and others progressing slower confused about this - I have been training for over a year now and I may progress slower than others, but I work through one movement hundreds of time before moving forward. I feel it is correct for me and I will slowly build my level up correctly hopefully.

To add to this, I just had another thought - not only is it these people starting parkour that have been given the wrong idea through the media etc (hence the whole annoying confusion with 'Free Running'), but it is also everyone else, 'the viewers', that are given the wrong idea by groups such as UFF and for that reason, more than just this community rely on your posts to get spread even more widely! I know you said Dilution got some mention around different places, but I just have this really strong thought that its this kind of writing that 'the viewers' need to see in the media, newspapers etc, to reinforce to all that parkour is not just 'put on some trainers and run and jump'.

Sorry again for the length.
Thanks for great inspiration, add me on msn if you want;


Leicester Parkour Association said...

Yo B, can you link me up to your page please?

You and Alex = tanking out the muscle ups.

J Neal said...

hey blane, wondering do you have an actual weight training regime or do u just train parkour. I train weights 3 times a week and parkour 3 - 4 times.

joe said...

21 is standard man, you'll get to the 30 mark in no time :)
keep up the training man, its ruddy inspiring stuff :)

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

Mike, sorry for the late reply and thank you very much for your comment.

It's always worthwhile to hear from people who are newer to Parkour benefiting from the work of more experienced traceurs such as the Saiyans... you're in good hands and I wish every new traceur had the chance to be guided in the right direction by such great guys.

I'm glad you appreciated Dilution and that you could relate to it. Keep up the approach you are taking by drilling things hundreds of times and just being satisfied with a steady increase in ability, there is absolutely no rush and the foundations you are building will result in a grand empire of skills one day.

Hopefully we'll meet at some point to train and discuss things, keep in touch... I don't really use MSN anymore but feel free to email me. =)

J Neal, I don't lift weights and never have. I'm sure it has its benefits but I prefer to use more bodyweight based exercises that mimic more closely the movements used in Parkour. Pushups, chinups, pullups, squats, pistols, running and Parkour itself make up perhaps 80% of my training and the remaining 20% is just improvised destruction of muscles with adequate time to heal and recover (hell night!), I've never felt the need to lift weights.

Cheers for your encouragement Joe, I'm really impressed with your planche and handstand progression so I'll be visiting your blog much more often when I enter that period of training and looking at you for help! Hope to see you soon bro.

running champion said...

hey i relly been triying hard to get this running down its unblieveable how hard it is but it is just a rush well you keep working hard