Monday, March 19, 2007

Lisses 2007 Video

I finally finished editing the video from the trip to Lisses.

We should have planned things a little better but ended up training hard all week then realised we hadn't filmed anything! So on the last two days we tried to capture what our bodies would allow us to do after a week of punishment.

It will mean more to the people who were there than it will to the general public but I thought I would share it with those who are interested...



4564984680464 said...

Great video. I love the areas there so much. Cant wait to go. I laughed when the guy broke a chunk of the dame du lac off.

Good editing and music too.

Anonymous said...

That was a well good vid, I really liked the feel it had to it, hopefully visiting Lisse this summer for the first time, that just made me want to even more(if thats possible)

x x x

Phily D said...

coool video man, looks like you had a great trip. I think you really need to work on your gun show though man :P

Jak Sheen said...

Nice. Your presicions are mental.

Julian said...

was awesome to watch, really cool feel to it, looks like a great time you had for sure,

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,
You probably don't know me, my name's Jim.
I'm thinking of coming Uni in Leicester and I wanted to get an idea of what the parkour scene was like there.
Iv been training for a while with Dale in Lincoln and he said I should try and get in contact with you as you would know best about the area. Would be looking to come up in the next few weeks, probably on a weekend to stay with a friend, if you guys have a specific practice day then could i join you or something? If you wanna get back to me.
Cheers mate,


Ben Nuttall said...

Sweet vid, looks like you had a great week together.

lol @ breaking a piece off the Dame Du Lac! Did you take it home as a keepsake? hehe

I want to go to Lisses...right now.

Chris 'Blane' Rowat said...

That was no gun show Phil, that was getting my groove on! We had so much fun at night playing Bop-It, sticking schtroumpfs (French smurfs) to the ceiling and playing russian roulette with them. :P

Jim, the Parkour scene in Leicester is brilliant. There is a core group of regulars and some less regular people but all of the people in this video are the regulars and who you would no doubt train with most if you moved here. =)
The spots are great too, the uni itself is massive and ANYTHING you want to practice is possible here. It caters for all from beginner to more experienced levels. Then you have the rest of Leicester which offers a LOT of options.
Just let me know when you're planning on coming up and if it's a weekend then there will be someone to show you around (probably me). I'll also email you this message in case you don't check back here.

Breaking that chunk of rock from the Dame was a shock! It really made me more thoughtful about moving around the higher sections as it somehow had always seemed indestructible up until that point. :O
I'm sure Alex took the piece home!

I'm glad you all enjoyed the video, I really only thought it would serve as a cool reminder to the people that were there but most people seemed to like it which is cool.


Phily D said...

haha sounds good

On saturday are you up for meeting at leicester station at 10.50 with me, Jin, Nathan and Callum, training and then heading up to derby.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful man. Thank you for sharing that.

zegulas said...

Hi Blane, nice video man.
I am from Mumbai (India). I am practicing parkour from 1 month now. It would be gr8 if i could meet u guys someday!
hey, which soundtrack is that in ur video? i liked it, its very nice.

Anonymous said...

Great video! Great trip and Parkour! :-)